Selecting Secondary Tables of Matchcode Objects


  1. In the maintenance screen for the attributes of a matchcode object, choose Goto ® Tables.

    The maintenance screen for the table selection of the matchcode object is displayed. All the tables already included in the object are listed in the upper part of the screen.

    If secondary tables were already defined, the foreign keys linking the tables are listed in tabular form in the lower part of the screen. You will find information there on the referenced tables, dependent tables and check field used.

    You can display the definition for the foreign key by positioning the cursor on the relevant line and choosing Edit ® Foreign key.

  2. If you want to include additional secondary tables, position the cursor on a table name (primary table or secondary table already included) and choose Edit ® Choose sec. tab.

    A list of all the tables linked to the selected table by foreign keys is displayed in a dialog box.

  3. Position the cursor on a table that you want to include as a secondary table and choose Choose. The table is highlighted. Repeat this for all the tables you want to include in the matchcode object. Choose Copy.

    You return to the maintenance screen. The selected tables are included as secondary tables and the appropriate foreign key is displayed.

    You can delete incorrect secondary tables by positioning the cursor on the table and choosing Edit -> Delete SecTab.

  4. Save the table selection when you have included all the tables you require.

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