Defining Attributes of Matchcode Objects


  1. Go to the maintenance screen for matchcode objects.
  2. Enter an explanatory short text in the field Short text.
  3. Choose the primary table of the matchcode object. Enter the name of this table in the field Primary table.
  4. Save your entries.
  5. A dialog box appears in which you have to assign a development class to the matchcode object.

Additional Information

The following additional information is displayed in the screen Maintain Matchcode Object (Attributes):

Secondary tables

Tables linked to the primary table by foreign keys.

Matchcode pools

The name automatically defined for the table pool (see Pooled and Cluster Tables) belonging to the matchcode object is displayed after you activate the first physically stored ID (see Update Types) of the matchcode object.

The table pool is automatically defined in the ABAP Dictionary and in the database when the first physically stored ID of the matchcode object is activated. The name of the table pool contains the prefix M_ and the name of the matchcode object. The name of the table pool for the matchcode object TEST would be for example M_TEST.

Next Action when Creating a Matchcode:

Select the secondary tables of matchcode objects