Creating Structures

Proceed as follows to create a structure:

  1. In the initial screen of the ABAP Dictionary, enter the name of the structure. Select object type Structures and choose Create.

    The maintenance screen for structures appears.

  2. Enter a short explanatory text in the field Short text.

    Carry out the following steps for all the fields which you want to include in the structure.

    You can include structures as substructures instead of individual fields. This is described in Including Substructures.

  3. Enter a name for the structure field in the column Field name.
  4. Enter the name of the data element whose attributes should be used in the field in the field Data element.

    You can also define fields by directly specifying the data type and length. Choose Edit ® Direct type entry. Values can now be entered in fields Type, Length, DecPlaces and Short text.

    You can combine fields with direct type definitions and fields specified by a data element reference as required.

    Switch back to entering data element references with Edit ® Ref.DataEl.

  5. The Reference Field and Reference Table must be specified for fields of types CURR (currency amounts) and QUAN (quantities).

    You can make these entries by scrolling to the right and entering these values in the fields Ref. table and Ref. field.

  6. Now maintain the foreign key of the structure. Proceed as when maintaining the foreign key of a table (see Creating Foreign Keys).
  7. Save your entries once you have defined all the fields of the structure.
  8. Activate the structure with Structure ® Activate.

    You can find the result of the activation in the activation log, which can be displayed with Utilities ® Activation log. If an error occurred when activating the structure, you go directly to the activation log.

  9. Documentation about the structure can be entered with Goto ® Documentation.

Optional Settings:

  • Assign search help

You can assign a search help to the structure. This search help is offered on all the screen fields referring to this structure field when you press F4. Choose Goto ® Search help for field.

A dialog box appears. Enter the search help name and choose Continue. The system automatically makes a proposal for the assignment of the search help parameters to structure fields. An attempt is made to assign a structure field with the same domain to a search help parameter. If there is no such field, the assignment is not made.

You can change the system proposal (except for the search field, that is the field to which the search help was assigned) by assigning a structure field with the same data type and same field length to a search help parameter.

  • Activation type

The Activation Type defines whether the structure can be activated directly from the ABAP Dictionary or whether the runtime object of the structure must first be created with a C program. It is only important to define an activation type for structures of the runtime environment.

Choose Extras ® Activation type. A dialog box appears in which you can enter the activation type required.