Changing Data Elements

To go to the maintenance screen for data elements, enter the name of the data element in the initial screen of the ABAP Dictionary, select object type Data elements and choose Change.

When making changes to existing data elements, keep in mind that any number of dependent objects may be affected. You can find out what effect a change has by choosing Utilities ® Where-used list.

Changing the Domain Assigned to the Data Element

You can change the domain that is assigned to the data element simply by overwriting the entry in the field Domain.

If you change the domain, all the table fields that refer to this data element will be affected. If the data type, field length or number of decimal places of the new domain differ to those of the old domain, conversion may be necessary for tables in which a field refers to the data element.

Before changing the domain, find out what effect this could have by checking whether the data element is used in tables with Utilities ® Where-used list.

Changing the Field Labels

The Field Labels are used to display a field in the screen template. The flag Maintain field labels allows you to switch maintenance of field labels on and off.

If this flag is reset when field labels had already been maintained, the field labels are deleted and a warning is issued.