Docu Status

Since data elements contain the semantic field information, they normally require documentation. Documentation entered for a data element is displayed, for example, when you select F1 Help on each table field that refers to the data element. You should therefore always enter documentation unless your data element is one that does not appear in a screen template.

The docu status specifies whether documentation has already been written for a data element and whether documentation is in fact required. To display the docu status of a data element, choose Extras ® Docu status... in the maintenance screen for the data element.

The following status entries are possible:

  • Object requires documentation: The standard setting. Documentation either already exists or is to be written.
  • Object is not used in any screens: The object is not used in a screen. Documentation does not exist and is not required.
  • Object is explained sufficiently by the short text: The short text explains the object adequately. Documentation does not exist and is not required.
  • Documentation postponed: This selection might be appropriate, for example, if the use of the data element has not yet been fully clarified. Documentation does not (yet) exist.

You can also change the docu status with transaction SE61.