Business Add-In: Archive Routing

You can implement the Business Add-In (BAdI) ARCH_ROUTING_EXTERN if the standard Archive Routing function does not sufficiently meet your specific requirements (for the routing of archive files into different directories in the file system this BAdI is available as of the next major release of SAP NetWeaver). The main purpose of this BAdI is to replace the standard Archive Routing process with customer specific coding. This is possible for individual archiving objects. The BAdI is filter-dependent, with the archiving object being the filter.

An active implementation of this BAdI for an archiving object replaces the entire Archive Routing for that archiving object. In this case the system uses neither the rules as described under Archive Routing, nor the content repository specified in technical Customizing (V_ARC_USR). Other application-specific settings are not run, either. The basic concept of Archive Routing, however, remains the same – the content repository is still determined using the information in the selection variant.

The BAdI has two methods for determining the content repository from the selection variant:

·        PARAMS2CREP


A detailed description of these methods is available in the system documentation of this BAdI.

From a technical standpoint it is possible to insert other information into a customer-specific program for determining the content repository, than that taken from the selection variant. However, keep in mind that the content repository is not physically determined until the storage phase. During the write phase it is merely checked. This means that the algorithm should be delivered at both points in the process. The system itself (ADK) only remembers the content repository at the time of storage.