Deleting Retrieved Archive Files


This function enables you to delete copies of archive files that were retrieved from an external storage system to the file system. This function is usually required if these copies are no longer needed and you want to access the stored archive files again directly from the storage system.


Overview of Retrieved Archive Files

The program RSARCH_LIST_RETRIEVED returns a list of the retrieved archive files. You can restrict the selection to archiving objects, archiving runs, archive files, and content repositories. The list contains the following information about the retrieved archive files:

·        Name of the archive file

·        Relevant logical file path

·        Generation date

·        Name of the content repository

·        Document ID in the storage system

·        Status of the stored file in the storage system

·        Storage date and time

Deleting the Archive Files

To delete copies of stored archive files, select the relevant entries in the list and then choose Delete Retrieved File. The program deletes the file on the operating system level and automatically adjusts the administration entries in the archive management. You can then access the archive files again directly in the storage system.

Retrieved files are only deleted if the original archive files in the storage system have the status „ONLINE“ and if the access check for the stored archive file was successful. The program also checks if the header information of the archive file match the administration data in the archive management. If they do not match, the file is not deleted.

For files whose status in the storage system is not „ONLINE“, you can display additional information about the cause of the problem by double-clicking on the Status field or by selecting the Errorpushbutton - if there is no additional information, there is no output.


You can execute the program RSARCH_LIST_RETRIEVED either from the screen ABAP: Execute Program(transaction SA38) or from the archive management via Goto ® Retrieved Files.