Cross-Archiving-Object Check Program

The cross-archiving-object check program is used for the following purposes:

       1.      Selection of the data objects to be checked

       2.      Running the check

       3.      Setting the check status

The Check Process

First the data objects to be checked are selected using a special function module. The purpose of the preselection function module is to select the business objects based on the specifications entered in the Customizing variant, as well as the residence time and the resubmission date.

Through the preselection it is possible to exclude irrelevant data objects from the actual check. The result is a list of relevant objects that are transferred to the check program.

The check program then calls the check function module of the application to check the preselected data objects and if applicable, set their status to Archivable. The list generated by the preselection module is grouped into packages for parallel processing.

To prevent an object from being checked again and again, for every checked object the program enters the date of the last archivability check in a field in the corresponding header table. This date and the resubmission date, which can be specified in Customizing, are then used during the next program run to calculate whether the object can be checked again. Objects with the Archivable status are not checked again.

For mySAP Customer Relationship Management archiving objects, the check function module initiates the sending of BDocs (Business Documents), after the check status has been set. BDocs contain change information about the archived business objects that are to be considered by the connected mobile systems.

The advantage of the background check is that it facilitates a more automated and therefore faster archiving of business objects. This type of check, however, also means a higher use of resources. Generally, SAP development decides whether the archivability check is executed via a cross-archiving-object check program or through an archiving-object-specific preprocessing program. In some cases both are offered.


The Customizing settings of the cross-archiving-object check program are made in Cross-Archiving-Object Customizing in the Check and Delete function. The scheduling of the program takes place in Archive Administration via the Check/Delete function.