Checking Cost Planning


Once you have planned the costs, you can check the planning.

  • The system checks within the project structure, whether the planning totals of a lower level in the work breakdown structure are greater than the planning value at a higher level.
  • If planning for overall values is set up in the planning profile, the system checks within the time level, whether the total of the annual planning values is greater than the structure planning value.


  1. You are in the Change Cost Planning: WBS Element Overview screen.
  2. Choose Check.
    The Structure Planning: Display Messages screen appears.
  3. The system lists the incorrectly planned WBS elements. You can call up error logs for the WBS elements, which detail the cause of the errors.
  4. Choose Continue to close the window.
    The Change Cost Planning: WBS Element Overview screen appears again.
    The incorrectly planned WBS elements are highlighted in red.
  5. If necessary, correct your planning.
  6. Overwrite the corresponding planning values.
  7. Choose Check.
  8. Save your cost planning.


The following is a result of any errors that occur:

The system highlights the incorrectly planned WBS elements in the Overview and Annual Overview screens.
The system also displays a message referring you to an error log. To display and print the error log, choose Extras -> Display error log. The log displays the incorrectly planned WBS and planning elements and displays the planning values and distributed values for comparison purposes. To call up an explanatory text, choose Long text, or double-click on a row in the error log.