Factory Calendar

This tab page is used for downloading the factory calendar from the Project System (PS).

·        If you are connected to an SAP system (SAP R/3 or mySAP ERP), the Download factory calendar frame is active. The current system and client are displayed in the status bar.

The user can enter a factory calendar name and select the year range for which the calendar needs to be downloaded. The downloaded calendars are displayed in a table. A search help is available for the factory calendar name. By choosing the pushbutton to the right of the factory calendar, you can display all the available calendars in the system you are currently logged onto.

·        If you are not connected to an SAP system, the download frame is inactive. The user can only view the results of the previous downloads. The message Not Connected to SAP System appears in the status bar.

You do not have to download the factory calendar prior to downloading a project. When you download a project from the Project System, the factory calendar of the project is downloaded to Microsoft Project and assigned to the tasks automatically.

If the factory calendar for the specified year range already exists in Microsoft Project in the "Global.mpt" file, then it is not downloaded again. If you want to download a calendar that already exists in Microsoft Project again, you must delete the calendar from the Microsoft Project "Global.mpt" file first. To do this, proceed as follows:

       1.      In the Microsoft Project menu, select Tools ® Organizer.

       2.      Choose the Calendar tab page.

       3.      Select the calendar you want to delete from the "Global.mpt" file.

       4.      Choose Delete.

When a download takes place, the SAP system will download the calendar again for the specified year range.