Mapping Microsoft Project Objects to the Project System


This is the more complex of the two mapping procedures in Open PS4MSP. This is because the Microsoft Project objects must have a particular format to be mapped successfully to the Project System. The mapping of Project System objects to Microsoft Project is described in Mapping PS Objects to Microsoft Project Objects.


If you create a project in Microsoft Project, the program creates “Project Information” (a dialog box with default values appears). This information is used to create the project definition in PS. The project dates are taken from the summary tasks.

Summary Tasks

WBS elements as such do not exist in Microsoft Project. Open PS maps summary tasks to WBS elements in PS. For a task to be a summary task, it must have subordinate tasks.

The project should only have one root, otherwise it cannot be transferred to PS.

For information about the syntax of the names you can use for summary tasks, see below under “Names of Microsoft Project Objects“.

When you are downloading networks, summary tasks are mapped to the network header.


Tasks in Microsoft Project are the equivalent of activities in the Project System. Since an activity number in PS can have up to four characters, you can only use this number of characters in Microsoft Project.

See also: Entering Resources for a Task


Milestones in Microsoft Project are defined as tasks with a duration of 0 days. You must set the indicator Mark task as milestone for them. Milestones in Microsoft Project do not have the same functions as milestones in the Project System. Therefore you will generally have to edit the milestones in the Project System before you can use them.

·        Milestones for summary tasks

In Microsoft Project the milestone must be directly under the summary task if you want to transfer it as a WBS element milestone. These are transferred to the Project System as WBS element milestones. They are not linked directly to the summary task. If a milestone is the earliest or latest subordinate task, the milestone defines the start or finish date for the summary task. If you move the milestone, the summary task is moved automatically. This is one way of assigning a milestone to the start or finish of a WBS element. You can thus use milestones to specify the dates of a WBS element independently of the subordinate task (activity dates). This is only valid in Microsoft Project.

·        Milestones for tasks

These are transferred to the Project System as activity milestones. In Microsoft Project the milestone must be directly under the task if you want to transfer it as an activity milestone. Again, they are not linked directly to the superior task. However, you can create a relationship between a task and a milestone. As a result, if you move the task in Microsoft Project, the milestone is also moved.

The Project System does not recognize relationships involving milestones. If such a relationship is created in Microsoft Project, it is not uploaded to PS. For more information, see points 12 – 14 under Business Rules for Open PS for Microsoft Project.


Since relationships are common to both the Project System and Microsoft Project, there are no difficulties mapping them. The four types of relationship (Finish-Start (FS), Start-Start (SS), Finish-Finish (FF), and Start-Finish (SF)) are used in both programs. You can also transfer time intervals, expressed either in absolute values or as a percentage of one of the two activities.

You can use the Predecessors and Successors fields in Microsoft Project to display the task to which a task is linked. If the relationship is not an FS relationship (default value), the relationship type is displayed. Any time interval between the two tasks is also displayed. Here the tasks are referred to by their ID, which is the line number in the project.

In Microsoft Project a task that must start or finish before another task can begin is called a predecessor task. A task that depends on the start or finish of a preceding task is called a successor task.

See also Link Types in Settings.

Names of Microsoft Project Objects

To be transferred correctly to the Project System, the names of the various Microsoft Project objects have to meet the same criteria as the names of the corresponding PS objects.

Microsoft Project Object

Corresponding PS Object

Type of Entry

Maximum Length (characters)


Summary task

WBS element






Alphanumeric (see below)


Within the network

Summary task

Network header



Within the project





Within the project

Although it is possible to use letters to depict activities, this can produce unexpected results in PS. We therefore recommend that you only use numbers for activities.

If you create objects in Microsoft Project that you want to transfer to PS at a later date, you must remember that the names of projects and WBS elements in the Project System have to be unique. If you try to create a project definition or WBS element that already exists in the SAP system, OpenPS4MSP issues an error message during transfer and the project is not created.

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