Entering Resources for a Task


In Microsoft Project you can enter resources for a task. As of OpenPS4MSP 2.00.00, you can upload personnel resource information as an activity element.


       1.      Open the resource sheet by choosing OpenPS Resources in the left-hand margin.

If the project has been downloaded from the SAP system and resources already exist for the project, the OpenPS Resources is already present in the project’s Open PS Resource sheet.

Ensure that you have activated the Resources/Work Center indicator, which you find by choosing Settings ® Object Types. For more information about object types, see Settings.

If you are creating a new project in Microsoft Project you can search for resources in mySAP Human Resources (mySAP HR) and download the resource details

       2.      Assign the resources to tasks, using the normal procedure in Microsoft Project.

To assign Plant/Work Center as a resource, first download the plant/work center resources by choosing Resources. Once the resources have been downloaded, assign the resources to tasks.

Ў        The personnel resource must exist in mySAP HR, before you can transfer the resource from Microsoft Project.

Ў        Both the plant and the work center must exist in the SAP system before you can transfer them from Microsoft Project.

You can enter several resources for a task in Microsoft Project. If the first resource is a Plant/Work Center, OpenPS4MSP assigns the first resource to the activity and the following resources to the activity elements. The distribution of work between the resources is transferred to the SAP system.

You can enter a control key for a task/activity on the Open PS sheet. You can specify the control keys in the settings. For more information, see Settings.

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