Defining Control Keys


You can enter the control key for an activity/task in Microsoft Project. When Open PS4MSP creates this activity in PS, it uses the respective control key. The control key determines whether the activity is processed internally or externally, and which processes are possible for the activity, for example, whether the activity is scheduled or costs are calculated for it.


Before you can use a control key in OpenPS4MSP, you must define the control key in Customizing for the Project System. For more information on control keys, see the SAP Library under Project System ® Structures ® Activities ® Control Keys.


       1.      On the Open PS Settings dialog box choose Control Keys.

A dialog box appears on which you can define the control keys to be used with Open PS. You specify:

Ў        The control key ID

Ў        The activity category for the control key (internal, external, service, or general cost)

Ў        A color for the task bar in Microsoft Project

Ў        Which control key Open PS uses when creating new tasks

       2.      For external and service activities, you can set the Use planned delivery time indicator.

If you activate this, instead of taking the value for duration for Microsoft Project from the field of the same name on the Internal tab page in PS, OpenPS4MSP uses the value from the Planned delivery time field on the External tab page of the activity detail screen.