System Configuration


Before you start using OpenPS4MSP, you must ensure that you have correctly configured your SAP system and Microsoft Project.

If you have upgraded to a new OpenPS4MSP release, see the information about upgrading in Open PS for Microsoft Project (OpenPS4MSP).

If you have upgraded from a version prior to OpenPS4MSP 2.00.00, or you are installing OpenPS4MSP for the first time, you must set up a user in OpenPS4MSP and a connection to the system to which you want to connect while using OpenPS4MSP. The systems and users that you set up in this way then appear automatically in your SAP PS Logon dialog box when you use OpenPS4MSP.

You can choose not to set up any users or systems (or delete existing ones), and instead use direct access with a password. In this case, if you choose Connect in OpenPS4MSP, you enter a password in the initial SAP PS Logon dialog box and choose Logon. The SAP Logon screen appears and you can log on to whichever system corresponds to the password you have just entered. To use this alternative, you must delete any existing users or systems.

You must also make various important settings that influence the data you transfer and your working environment, for example, which object types are transferred, whether costs are downloaded, and so on.



       1.      Setting Up Users in OpenPS4MSP

       2.      Setting Up Systems in OpenPS4MSP

       3.      Settings