Setting Up Systems in OpenPS4MSP


You can define which SAP systems (SAP R/3 or mySAP ERP) are to appear automatically in the PS Logon dialog box, which the system displays when you choose Connect in OpenPS4MSP. You can enter as many systems as required, which you can then select from a dropdown list.


·        To enter the SAP system, you need certain information that you find on the SAP Logon screen; it is therefore advisable to have this screen open while you are carrying out the following procedure. The information is found under Secure Network Connection (SNC), Group Selection, and Server Selection.

·        The system to which you connect must be configured for RFC.


Entering a System

If you are a first-time user, you carry out this procedure directly after setting up a user. If you already have systems set up in OpenPS4MPS, choose the pushbutton next to the System field and choose New on the SAP System dialog box. In both cases proceed as follows:


       1.      On the Create SAP System Logon Data Wizard dialog box, choose whether you want to use a standard connection or a Secure Network Connection (SNC).

With the standard connection, you would have to enter your password each time you want to log on to the system. Using SNC, you no longer have to enter your password at this level. To find out whether the system is configured to run as an SNC, proceed as follows:

                            a.      On the SAP Logon screen, select the system in question and choose Properties.

                            b.      Choose Advanced.

Under Secure Network Preferences you can see whether the Secure Network Communication is activated. The Secude PSE Management application must also be installed and running on your PC.

       2.      Choose Next.

       3.      In the Name field, enter the system name that is to appear in OpenPS4MSP and choose Next.

If you are using SNC, it must be exactly the same description as on the SAP Logon screen.

       4.      Enter the client in which you want to work and choose Next.

       5.      Enter the logon language and choose Next

If you have not chosen to use the SNC, you can log on using Group selection or Server selection.

Group selection: For this you need the system ID, message server, SAP router (optional), and group. To find this information, proceed as follows:

                            a.      On the SAP Logon screen, choose Groups…

                            b.      Enter the system name in the System ID field.

The message server is listed under the description and system ID.

                            c.      Choose Generate List.

Here you can see the group name, for example, PUBLIC, and the SAP router.

Server selection: For this you need the description, application server, SAP router (optional), and system number. To find this information, proceed as follows:


                            a.      On the SAP Logon screen, select the system name.

                            b.      Choose Properties.

Here, you can see the application server, system number, and the SAP router.

       6.      Choose Finish.

OpenPS4MSP registers a new SAP system and the next time you choose Connect, it is displayed in your SAP PS Logon screen.

If your log-on fails, check the following:

§         Are you using the correct logon data (system, user, SAP router, and so on)?

§         Does your user have the required RFC authority in the system?

§         Can the system be accessed using RFC?

Deleting and Editing Systems




       1.      On the PS Logon dialog box, choose the pushbutton next to the System field.

The SAP System dialog box appears.

       2.      Using the < > pushbuttons at the bottom of the screen, scroll to the system that you want to delete or edit and choose Delete, or edit the data as required.

       3.      Choose Save.

       4.      Choose Close.