Data Formats of Attributes in Object Methods

All attributes (fields) except character are left-justified when exported.

Data Formats of Date and Time Fields

·        Time fields (TIMS)
have the format HHMMSS ( H = hour, M = minute, S = second)

·         Date fields (DATS)
have the format YYYYMMDD ( Y = year, M = month, D = day)

Data Formats of Numerical Fields

·        The. designates a decimal whenever the value is not an integer. Negative values are identified by - before the number. Positive values may be identified by + before the number, however, this is optional.

·        Quantity fields (QUAN)

·        Currency fields (CURR)

·        Decimal fields (DEC)

·        Integer fields (INTx)

·        Floating point fields (FLTP)

Fields with No Special Format

·        Currency key fields (CUKY)

·        Unit fields (UNIT)
In the ERP system, you can define your own units. They are identified by either an internal or a language-dependent external name, or by the ISO standard code. (The ISO code does not have to be unique). They are characterized by a dimension such as time, length or volume and the conversion factors between this unit and the corresponding SI unit.

·        Text fields (TEXT)
Both upper and lower case letters are allowed.

Data Formats of Character Attributes