Setting Up Users in OpenPS4MSP


·        The SAP system user (SAP R/3 system or ERP system) that you want to use with OpenPS4MSP must have authorization to use RFC.

·        To enter, edit, or delete a user, you must be disconnected from the Project System.


Entering a User

       1.      Choose Connect or OpenPS Connect to the SAP System in the Microsoft Project menu.

Ў        If you are completely new to OpenPS4MSP, the Create SAP System User Logon Data Wizard appears to guide you through the procedure for creating a user.

Ў        If you already have a user in OpenPS4MSP, the PS Logon dialog box appears. Choose the pushbutton next to the User field to branch to the SAP System User dialog box and choose New.

       2.      Enter a name for the user that Open PS is to display and choose Next.

If you do not enter a name, Open PS automatically copies the SAP system user to this field.

       3.      In the user field, enter the user as maintained in the relevant SAP system. This field is not case-sensitive.

       4.      Choose Finish.

Open PS creates a new user. If you are a first-time user, the wizard now automatically guides you through the process for entering a system.

Deleting a User

Use the arrows at the bottom of the SAP System User dialog box to scroll to the user that you want to delete and choose Delete.

Editing a User

Use the same arrows to scroll to the user to be edited and edit the data, as required. Choose Save.

After you have finished adding or editing users, choose Close.

You can also save your password on the SAP System User dialog box. However, unless you can be sure that nobody else has access to your computer, we recommend that you do not save your password. If the password is saved on this screen, then the Save Password indicator is automatically activated on the Logon dialog box.