Downloading Activities to a Palm

In order to confirm activities with the Palm, you must first download the relevant activities from the Project System (PS) to your Palm. There are two steps in this process:

       1.      You select the activities in PS that you want to transfer.

       2.      You transfer the data from PS to your Palm. The process of transferring data from a PC to a Palm is known as "Hot Sync".

Selecting Activities

1.       To call up the selection transaction, enter OPENPS in the command field. As of SAP R/3 4.6C you can choose Logistics/Accounting ® Project System ® Progress ® Confirmation ® Open PS for Palm.

2.       On the initial screen enter your selection criteria. You can enter a project definition, a WBS element, or a network or a range of these objects. You can also restrict the selection by specifying the WBS element level and/or the MRP controller.

3.       Before you execute the program, you must save a variant. This variant forms the link between the SAP system and your Palm. Choose . On the next screen enter a name and a description for the variant. Choose .

"Hot Sync" with Palm

Make sure you have entered the system details in Open PS (see Entering System Data ).

Enter the variant in Open PS. To do so:

1.       Tap the Open PS icon on the Applications screen of your palm .

2.       From the menu choose Preferences.

3.       Enter the variant that you saved previously and the language (two letter acronym as in the SAP system, for example EN or DE).

4.       Here you can also select the Create SAP Error Pool indicator, if you want the system to create an error pool in the SAP system.

5.       Tap OK.

6.       On the main Open PS screen, tap on the arrow in the lower left-hand corner. Normally the words No sync are displayed here. From the dialog box choose either Download or Up & Down.

You use this switch to determine which way the transfer should run. The default value is No sync, which means no data is transferred during hot sync. During Download data is transferred from the SAP system to the Palm. During Upload data is transferred from the Palm to the SAP system and during Up & Down data is transferred in both directions.

The next time you carry out a Hot Sync the data is transferred to the Palm.