Defining Link Types


The type of links (relationships) that can be established between the activities in a project in PS have to be mapped to the existing link types in Microsoft Project. An “FF” relationship, for example, in a PS project has to be mapped to the “Finish-Finish” links type in Microsoft Project. These standard link types have already been entered and you can scroll through them using the navigation arrows at the bottom of the PS Link Type Definition dialog box.

You also have the option of entering new link type names and mapping them to the Microsoft link type. If, for example, you want to enter a link type for languages other than English and German, you can enter them here.


       1.      To branch to the PS Link Definition dialog box, choose Link Types.

       2.      Choose New.

       3.      You can enter two letters to represent the name of your link and then choose the appropriate Microsoft link type to which it is to be mapped.

       4.      Enter the language, for example, FR to French.

       5.      Save your changes.