Flexible Field Mapping


You can map fields in activities and WBS elements in the Project System to fields in Microsoft Project. When these fields are mapped, the data is transferred while uploading or downloading projects between the Project System and Microsoft Project.



       1.      Choose Settings

       2.      Choose Map User Fields

The activity and WBS element fields in the Project System and the available fields in Microsoft Project are displayed in a table.

       3.      Map the fields according to your requirements.

       4.      Choose Save.

§         You have to carry out the mapping once at each work station where you use OpenPS4MSP.

§         OpenPS4MSP does not carry out any validation checks of the data.


When you save your mapped fields, the data is stored on your PC in a Microsoft Access database, along with your other user settings. The mapped fields are then transferred when projects are transferred between Microsoft Project and the Project System.