Definition of Frontend Printers

Frontend (or local) printing lets your users print on their local printers. These local printers do not have to be defined individually in the SAP System. You have to create a "representative" output device for each operating system platform. For more information about frontend printing, see Help ® Application help or Frontend Printing on Undefined Printers.

How Frontend Printing Works

Frontend printing works on Microsoft Windows PCs, Apple Macintosh computers, and on UNIX workstations. Frontend printing is intended for a limited number of users in an SAP System who want to print out their screen display quickly.

If a user requests immediate printing, then the output data is downloaded directly to SAPlpd on a Windows PC or to the lpd/lpr on a UNIX workstation.

Under Windows, the output is sent to the default printer.

Under UNIX and Macintosh, there is no default printer. The output is therefore sent to the printer whose name corresponds to the host printer you specify in the frontend printing device definition.

For more information, see Defining Devices for Frontend Printing.

In order for users to print to their local printers, you must enter the device name of the frontend printer and %LOC in the authorization object S_SPO_DEV.

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