Restrictions on SWIN Output

You can print any type of SAP output (lists and SAP forms) on a SWIN printer or fax device. However, the following restrictions apply:

·        Output using the SWIN device type usually takes longer than using a printer-specific device type, as the output is performed using the Microsoft Windows printer driver.

·        Bar code printing is possible only if an appropriate dynamically linked bar code library (.DLL) file is available in the Microsoft Windows system. This restriction applies even if the printer has a bar code cartridge, because Microsoft Windows cannot pass the required print commands to the printer.

·        SWIN cannot print all of the graphical objects used by the SAP system.

It can print SAP symbols (the SAPDings font). Likewise, SAPLPD can print TIFF- and Windows/OS2.BMP bitmap graphics that have been uploaded into SAPscript. TIFF graphics are converted into Windows .BMP bitmaps for printing.

It cannot print the following:

         PostScript, Prescribe, or PCL-5 printer macros that have been uploaded into SAP forms. To print such macros, you must use the printer-specific device type.

         SAP Business Graphics These graphics require that the printer be defined with one of the graphics drivers delivered with the SAP system.

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