Frontend Printing on Local Printers

You want to print from your SAP System to the same printer you print to from your Windows PC, Apple Macintosh, or UNIX workstation. You can print to these printers using frontend printing, even if the printers themselves are not defined in the SAP spool system.

Before you can use frontend printing in your SAP System, you must create "generic" frontend output devices for the various operating system platforms. For more information, see Definition of Frontend Printers.

Frontend printing only works as long as there is an active connection to the frontend. This means that frontend printing cannot be used in background processing.

Frontend printing should not be used for production or high-volume printing. For more information, see Planning Procedure.

Setting Up Frontend Printing in the SAP System

Frontend print requests are processed, as for other output methods, by the spool work process. This may cause conflicts between regular print requests and frontend print requests in your SAP spool system. Even if you have classified spool servers and output devices according to the type of output (for example, production printing or mass printing), as we recommend, frontend printing may still cause server load problems.

The following describes how to configure your system to avoid these problems.

  • Set up a spool service on every application server, if possible. Add the profile parameter rsdisp/wp_no_spo to the instance profile of each server.
  • Set the maximum number of spool work processes to be used for frontend printing. The default setting is a maximum of one spool work process for frontend printing for each server. If you need to use more work processes for frontend printing, add the profile parameter rsdisp/wp_no_Fro_max to the instance profile and increase the value for work processes.
  • To ensure that your SAP spool system can process requests as effectively as before, you should increase the number of spool work processes by at least one, as one of the spool work processes is always used for frontend printing in the standard system.

Example: In the instance profile of the application server mn1234_YXZ_99, the number of spool work processes is set to 1 using the profile parameter rsdisp/wp_no_spo. Increase this number to 2.

  • Specify a spool server to be used for all frontend print requests in your SAP System. To do this, use the profile parameter rspo/local_print/server. In spool administration (transaction SPAD), specify an alternate server for this server, to ensure printing can continue if the first server is down.

For information about how to execute frontend printing, click here.

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