Executing Frontend Printing


Using frontend printing, you can print to your local printer from the SAP System, even if this printer is not directly defined in your SAP System. This is particularly useful for employees that often log on to the SAP System at several workstations, or those often on the road.


A frontend output device must be defined as a "representative" for every operating system platform. For more information, see Defining Frontend Printers.


  1. When you choose Print anywhere in the system, the print parameters screen appears.
    • For a Windows PC, in the Output device field, enter the name of the printer your system administrator defined for frontend printing under Windows. After you confirm your entry, you can select one of the Windows printers defined on your frontend. Then choose Print.
    • For a Macintosh, in the Output device field, enter the name of the printer your system administrator defined for frontend printing on Macintosh computers. Then choose Print.
    • For a UNIX workstation, you must know the printer type of the printer you want to use (whether it is a POSTSCRIPT or a PCL printer). Then choose the printer your system administrator defined for the corresponding printer type. Then choose Print.
  1. On a Windows PC, the SAP System starts the SAPlpd transfer program, if it is not already running. Your document is sent through SAPlpd to the Windows printer.

On a UNIX workstation or Macintosh, the system outputs the document on the lpd printer. This printer must already be defined on your UNIX workstation, or in the lpd program on your Macintosh.

The lp/lpd program must already be running on UNIX and Macintosh systems when you start frontend printing.

Note the following:

  • For frontend printing, a spool request (and possibly an output request) is created as for other types of SAP System printing. This means that you can view this frontend spool request, create additional printouts, and so on, in the output controller (transaction SP01).
  • The status of a frontend output request is set to Compl., as soon as the output request is transferred to the target workstation or PC. The system is therefore only able to log problems with communication with the PC or workstation in the output request log. Other error messages are lost.

Restarting frontend printing

The user receives an error message when creating a frontend printout in the following cases:

  • When the user already has six open sessions in one SAP System
  • When the user specifies a frontend printer as the output device for a background job.

To output these requests, go to the list of spool requests and choose Utilities ® Restart frontend printing. The requests are then printed on the printer defined for frontend printing at the terminal where the user is logged on.

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