Integrating Enterprise-Specific Processes


You use Customer-Exits to integrate enterprise-specific processes. The following Exists are supported by CAD Desktop:

  • Menu-Exits

Each menu-exit corresponds to a function-exit.

  • Function-exits
  • Screen-Exit

The screen-exit corresponds to three function-exits.
In order to insert a sub-screen area automatically in to the main screen section of the CAD-Desktop you must have data transfer possible in both directions. For this you need two function-exits. The third is needed in order to process the OK-Code of the sub-screen-exits in PAI of the main screen.

The function module is in the function group XCADDESKTOP (development class CA). You can use the enhancement of the SAP Enhancement concept and then activate it.

The following overview is a list of the enhancements as well as the supported exits.

Enhancement project

Supported exits


Function-Exit for function button 1 and menu-exit


Function-Exit for function button 3 and menu-exit


Function-Exit for function button 2 and menu-exit


Function-exits for

  • Data import
  • Processing the function code (screen area)
  • Data export



Create an enhancement project by entering the enhancement that was provided by SAP. The enhancement contains the function module for the desired function. The function modules branch to an include program that you encode in the enterprise-specific function requests.

See also: Creating Additional Projects