Step 9: Maintaining the Output Type in the Schema


You are in the screen Change View "Procedures (Output Sales)": Overview. This view maintenance was set up for the application selected.


In this step, you assign the output type you have created to a schema (procedure). Output determination always runs within a schema (procedure). When it is called, all output types which are grouped in the schema (procedure) are processed. The schema (procedure) is predefined by the application and does not have to be defined.

To include the output type EVEN in the schema (procedure) V10000 (Order output), proceed as follows:

  1. Select the procedure V10000 (Order output).
  2. Branch to the dependent view Control.
  3. Choose Edit ® New entries.
  4. Enter a step number which has not yet been assigned in the field Step.
  5. Enter the output type EVEN in the field CTyp (condition type).
  6. Save your entries.
  7. Go Back.