Step 8: Maintaining Condition Records for Each Output Type


You are in the selection screen Change Create Event (EVEN): Selection. This selection was set up for the output type selected and the access sequence assigned.


In this step, you define the values which trigger a message default, that is the records of the condition tables, which were defined via the access sequence, are filled with values.

  1. Leave the selection fields empty.

    Select Output condition ® Create.

  2. Enter 02 (political reasons) in the field DelivBlock.

    (Remember: In the scenario in this tutorial, an event is created when a delivery block is set for "political reasons".)

  3. Confirm your entries with Return.

    The default values for transmission medium (9) and time (4), which you specified when defining the output type in step 2, are copied and displayed in the fields Med and Tim.

  4. To specify the event to be created, select Goto ® Communication method.
  5. In the field Object type, enter the name of the object type you created in step 1.

    If you followed the suggestion given in the tutorial, now enter ZXX_2032.

    You can also use the F4 input help to make your entries. Only those object types are displayed whose key fields are compatible with the key fields of the application.

  6. Enter the event DeliveryBlockSet, which has been defined for the object type specified above, in the field Event.
  7. Save your entries.
  8. Go Back.