Step 7: Assigning an Access Sequence to an Output Type


You are in the screen Change View "Conditions: Types": Overview. This view maintenance was set up for the application selected.


In this step, you assign an access sequence to an output type. The access sequence, in turn, contains an assignment to condition tables.

The generic term "condition type" is used for "output type" in this view.

To create a new assignment, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Edit ® New entries.
  2. In the field CTyp (condition type = output type), enter EVEN.
  3. In the field AcSq (access sequence), enter the access sequence you created in step 6.

    If you made the entry suggested by the tutorial in step 6, enter the access sequence Z502 in the field AcSq.

  4. Save your entries.
  5. Go Back.