Step 6: Creating an Access Sequence


You are in the screen Change View "Access Sequences (Output Sales)": Overview. This view maintenance was set up for the application selected.


In this step, you specify the access sequence for the condition table created in step 5. To create a new access sequence, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Edit ® New entries.
  2. Enter the number Z502 (or another number beginning with Z) in the field AcSq (access sequence).
  3. Enter Delivery block as the description.
  4. Branch to the dependent view Accesses.

    You are in the screen Change View "Accesses (Output Sales)": Overview.

  5. Choose Edit ® New entries.
  6. In the SqNo (sequence number) field, enter 10.
  7. Enter the number of the condition table you created in step 5 in the field Tab (condition table).

    If you used the suggestion given in step 5 of this tutorial, enter the number 502 in the Tab field.

  8. Save your entries.
  9. Go Back.