Step 5: Creating a Condition Table


You are in the screen Change Condition Table (Output Sales). The application selected has already been entered.


To create a new condition table with the fields which are relevant for message (output) determination, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Condition ® Create.
  2. In the Table field, enter the number 502 (or a different number between 501 and 999).

    Select Enter.

    You are in the screen Create Condition Table (Output Sales): Field Overview.

  3. Enter the name Delivery block for the condition table.
  4. Select the field Delivery block from the field catalog (right side) with a double-click.

    The field is copied to the list of selected fields (left side). The field is shown in red in the field catalog.

  5. Generate the condition table (Condition ® Generate).

    After another prompt, correct generation is shown in the generation log.

  6. Go Back.