Step 3: Maintaining an Output Type


You are in the screen Display View "Output Types": Overview. This view maintenance was set up for the application selected.


By calling the detail screen for output types in this step, you can determine which of the output types you want to edit in the customizing process. To create a new output type for event creation, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch to the change mode in view maintenance. Select Table view ® Display -> Change.
  2. Choose Edit ® New entries.
  3. Enter EVEN in the field Output type and describe the output type with Create event.
  4. Select the checkbox Access condits. (access to output conditions) and Partn-independ. (output independent of partner).
  5. As the Condition record proposal, enter 9 (events) in the field Transm. medium and 4 (immediately) in the field Time.
  6. Save your entries.
  7. Go Back.