Step 2: Choosing an Application and Starting the "Customizing Workflow"

To support you when customizing Message Control, a workflow template is available, which coordinates the relevant processes for customizing.

This tutorial does not use nor describe the full functionality of this workflow template. It is only used to make the necessary settings for event creation.

The workflow template has the number WS00400040 (WFMC: Customizing Message Control). The single-step tasks which are used in the workflow template have been classified as "general tasks" in automatic customizing.


In the last chapter

Step 1: Identifying and Extending Object Types

of this tutorial, you defined an event for an object type provided by SAP.

You have therefore created the formal requirements for creating the event DeliveryBlockSet for the object type ZXX_2032. (You should enter your initials for XX).

Creation of this event is now ensured via Message Control.


Setting up Message Control

To access guided customizing for Message Control, proceed as follows:

  1. Now branch to the Workflow area menu SAP Business Workflow (Development) (Transaction SWLD, Menu: Tools ® Business Engineering ® Business Workflow ® Development)
  2. Then select Definition tools ® Event creation ® Message Control.
  3. To be guided through Customizing, select the function Guided by workflow in the dialog box Output determination - Customizing.
  4. Select the application V1 (sales) in the list of applications.
  5. Then select Edit ® Customizing Workflow.

The workflow template WS00400040 is started.

The first step of this workflow template (maintain output type) is displayed for execution.

General Points on Using the Workflow

The workflow is defined so that you, the initiator of the workflow, execute all steps.

Advance with Immediate Dialog

If the (standard setting) advance with immediate dialog is activated in your system, the individual steps are displayed consecutively, with their dialogs, for execution. You do not use the integrated inbox.

If you leave one of the steps via the Cancel function, this disrupts the processing chain of the workflow. To resume the workflow, you need to call your integrated inbox and execute the "open" work item.

Detail Screen of Views

The individual steps of the customizing workflow for Message Control each generally consist of one view maintenance.

So that the workflow system recognizes that a step has been processed, it is necessary to branch to the detail screen of a view. Do this even if you do not want to change the settings.

Displaying Online Help

The relevant page of the online help is shown for each step.


In this chapter, you have started the customizing workflow for Message Control for the application V1.