Defining Additional Elements on a Screen

Enhancements (SMOD/CMOD) make it possible for you to add your own elements to application logic, screens, and menus.

Menu enhancements and screen enhancements allow you to define additional elements for a screen.

Menu enhancements are predefined menu options that you can activate and name. The function code transmitted when you select the menu option calls a corresponding function module exit.

Screen enhancements are areas on a screen that customers can fill with their own developments. They must be predefined by an application developer. You can display additional information or allow users to enter additional data in these areas.

You can find an overview of the types of standard enhancements contained in the SAP System in the ABAP Workbench under Utilities ® Enhancements ® Project management (transaction CMOD). Use the possible entries help (F4) for the field Project or choose Utilities ® SAP enhancements to display a list of the exits available.

The corresponding documentation describes the functionality of each enhancement.

Upward compatibility of customer exits is assured. SAP guarantees that the call of the exit from SAP standard software, as well as the interface which calls the exit, will both remain valid in future releases.