Modifications in the Alphanumeric Screen Painter

In the alphanumeric Screen Painter the function keys specifically used in modification mode are made available in the application toolbar. If you want to modify a screen, choose Create modification. The following dialog box appears:

Here you choose the appropriate element type and create your element as you normally would. Elements added to the screen and graphical elements are highlighted in color.

The Element List Display

In the alphanumeric Screen Painter’s element list you can ascertain which objects have been modified by consulting the column Modified, which appears to the left of the object’s name. This column contains letters that indicate what kind of modifications have been made to a specific screen.

For example, the letter "C" (Changed) means that the SAP original has been altered. An "N" (New) in this column means that a new element has been added. You can also call an overview of the modifications made to a specific screen from the element list.