Simplifying Transactions

You already know how to simplify transactions in the following ways:

Here are a few additional ways to simplify transactions:


Additional Possibilities:

Transaction Variants

  • You can adjust table controls (for example, you can move columns or adjust their width)
  • You can hide table controls, subscreens or tab strip elements
  • You can hide whole screens or individual menu functions (hidden menu functions appear as inactive wherever their corresponding GUI status appears in the transaction).

Parameter Transactions

The initial screen of a parameter transaction can be hidden (switched off) if all necessary entries for that screen have already been stored as parameters.


Changes to Screen Layout:

  • You can move fields
  • You can hide table controls and tab strips
  • You can include graphics and documentation, and
  • You can add new radio buttons and pushbuttons (see Changing Screen Layout)

Combinations of the Methods Listed Above

The following rules apply when combining the functions listed above:

Combinations involving default value settings are described under Defining Default Values for Input Fields.

Combinations that involve hiding fields are described under Hiding Screen Elements.

All screens hidden using transaction variants or parameter transactions remain hidden.