How to Perform Upgrades / Import Support Packages

When performing an upgrade or importing a Support Package, existing objects in the SAP standard are overwritten with the newly delivered objects. To help the customer retain objects modified in a previous release, SAP provides all modified objects that are newly delivered (in an upgrade or Support Package) in the modification adjustment in transactions SPAU and SPDD. You need to reenter these modifications into the corresponding objects. The Modification Assistant supports this process of adopting customer modifications.

In the past, all objects modified by a customer and delivered again by SAP, an IBU or an SAP partner, had to be manually re-modified during an upgrade. Now, modifications are either automatically adopted, or the system provides you with an assistant for adjusting your modifications to the newly upgraded configuration or importing Support Packages..

Objects changed using the Modification Assistant can now be automatically accepted, provided that the modifications in the original version do not directly overlap with those made in the customer version. If collisions occur between the two versions at upgrade (such as naming collisions, or where SAP has deleted an object modified by a customer), the system offers support during the upgrade, meaning that a semi-automatic adjustment is made. In some cases, however, you may still have to manually adjust objects using ABAP Workbench tools.

Objects that were modified without using the Modification Assistant must still be manually maintained after an upgrade has been run.

Modified objects are selected during the upgrade or Support Package import using transactions SPDD and SPAU.

·        You can use transaction SPDD to adjust changes to ABAP Dictionary objects during the update / while importing Support Packages.

For further information, see:

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Process Flow

Preparing to Run Transaction SPDD

Transaction SPDD

·        Transaction SPAU allows you to adjust programs, function modules, screens, interfaces, documentation, and text elements after performing an upgrade or importing a Support Package.

For information about performing modification adjustments using transaction SPAU, see Adjusting Repository Objects.

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