Changes to Definitions of Classic BAdIs


·        To the filter type

·        To the definition of multiple use

·        To the internal flag selection

are allowed.

If implementations already exist for a BAdI definition, these can be rendered syntactically incorrect by changes made to the interface.

If changes to the interface are unavoidable and they pertain to deleting, renaming, or creating a method, clean up the method includes in the current development system for all classes that are used for the BAdI implementations. In the BAdI Builder, call up transaction SE19 and choose the tab Interface. Afterwards, choose the field Name of Implementing Class. Double click to navigate to the Class Builder. Choose Utilities ® Clean Up ® Method Includes.

Whenever methods are deleted, this will have the effect that the corresponding includes are also deleted in the implementing classes. Renaming is also the same as deleting.

If an interface change of the type mentioned above reaches a system by means of system transport or delivery, this clean-up is automatically executed after the import phase.

If interface changes refer to parameters, remember that creating parameters is possible without any problem. Changing parameter types or deleting parameters can cause syntax errors or possibly also termination at runtime.