Extendable Filter Types of Classic BAdIs

If you flag a filter type as being Extendable, it is also possible to create implementations for filter values that did not exist so far.

When you assign the Extendable attribute to a filter type, the Implementation menu option in the BAdI Builder is replaced by Filter Value. If you choose Filter Value ® Create and enter a filter value that did not yet exist (you do not need to specify the name of the implementation), the system takes you to the transaction for implementing Business Add-Ins. You can also use transaction SE19, as usual.

You can enter a short text for each filter type.

Note that the assignment of the Extendable attribute is subject to the following restrictions:

The domain to which the extendable filter type refers must have the following properties:

·         The domain is linked to a cross-client value table. This value table has exactly one key field that has the data element of the filter type as its field type.

·         The domain has a text table with two key fields. A key field has the filter type as its field type, and a key field is a language field. To mark a field as a text field, the field must exist in this table that contains the string TEXT or TXT as a partial string. In the Dictionary, the text table must be assigned to the value table.

·         The delivery class of both tables must be E or G.

All filter values that are created in the context of an extendable filter-dependent Business Add-In must not yet appear in the value table. They are added to the value table when the data is saved. Similarly, the values are removed from the value table when the implementation or the entire Business Add-In is deleted. The same applies to the text table.