Determining the Name of the Function Module


If you want to call the BAPI by making an RFC call to the underlying function module, you have to know the name of the function module.


To determine the name of the function module implementing the BAPI:

  1. Open the business object type in the BAPI Browser, as described in Determining BAPIs of Business Object Types.
  2. Open the node Methods and position the cursor on the relevant BAPI.
  3. To display the BAPI documentation select the information icon. The name of the function module is given at the start of the documentation.

The names of BAPI function modules always begin with "BAPI".

Choose Utilities ® Color Key to display a description of individual icons in the BAPI Browser.

Displaying the Function Module

You can display the BAPI function module in the Function Builder:

  1. Choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench and then Function Builder. Alternatively enter the Transaction SE37 in the SAPgui command field.
  2. Display the BAPI function module by entering the names of the function module in the field Function module and selecting Display.