Specifying BAPI Parameters


Once you have found the BAPI you want you have to specify which parameters you can or must declare. BAPIs have import/export parameters (table parameters) as well as import parameters and export parameters for importing and exporting data.

Standardized parameters supply the same or equivalent data and can therefore be used in different BAPIs. These parameters have the same name in all BAPIs and are implemented using the same guidelines. For further information see Standardized Parameters.


To display the parameters of the BAPI:

  1. Open the business object and the node Methods in the BAPI Browser, as described in Determining BAPIs of Business Objects.
  2. Expand the node for the relevant BAPI and then the node Parameters.


A list of all the BAPI’s parameters is displayed.

Select the relevant icon in the BAPI Browser to display further information about the individual parameters. Choose Utilities ® Color Key to display a description of individual icons in the BAPI Browser.