Assigning InfoSets to Roles / User Groups


Before you are able to use an InfoSet to define queries, you must first assign the InfoSet to one or more user groups.

If a user groups is already assigned to a role, you can assign the InfoSet to this role.

On the InfoSet: Initial Screen, you use the Role/User Group Assignment function to determine the roles or user groups to which you want to assign a particular InfoSet.


You are in the initial screen of the InfoSets component.


  1. Select an InfoSet or type the name of an InfoSet into the InfoSet field.
  2. Choose Role/User Group Assignment.

You get to a dialog box with a list arranged as follows:


user group

name of the user group


name of the role

If this indicator is set, the InfoSet is assigned to the relevant user group/role. If the indicator is not set, the InfoSet is not assigned to a user group/role.

all user groups


all roles providing that an existing user group is assigned to them

  1. In the assigned column, put a checkmark in the corresponding check boxes to assign the InfoSet to the roles/user groups of your choice.
  2. Click on the Save Assignment function to save the changes.

If the Info Set has been assigned to a role/user group already, you use the Role/User Group Assignment function to change the existing assignment.