Adjusting InfoSets


In certain cases, for example, when you upgrade to a higher release, the technical properties of fields in the database tables may change. Changes can affect

  • the field type
  • the field length
  • the output length of the field
  • the use of the field as a currency amount or as a quantity field

If you use any of these modified fields in an InfoSet, and you choose from the InfoSet: Initial Screen one of the functions Change, Display, Description, or Check, the system tells you that the InfoSet is no longer valid. You decide whether you want to adjust your InfoSet or not.

If you use any of these modified fields in an InfoSet, and you choose the Generate function, you get to the Log Display dialog box. The system shows you the differences between the fields in the InfoSet and the fields in the data dictionary.

We recommend that you adjust your InfoSet to include the changes that have been made to the technical properties of the fields.


You are in the initial screen of the InfoSets component.


Proceed as follows to adjust and update an InfoSet:

  1. Select an InfoSet or type the name of an InfoSet into the InfoSet field.
  2. Choose InfoSet -> Additional Functions -> Adjust.

    The Log Display dialog box opens. The system shows you errors () and warnings () in the same way as when it is checking or generating an InfoSet. In the toolbar, find the Adjust pushbutton .

  3. Choose Adjust .

    The information from the data dictionary is copied over into the InfoSet.

  4. Choose Generate .

We recommend that once you have adjusted the InfoSet, you also adjust all the queries belonging to this InfoSet. This ensures that the technical properties that have been changed are also copied over to the query definitions.