Functions in the Query Directory


You have activated the Environment ® Directories ® Queries for the InfoSet function (see Displaying the Query Directory for an InfoSet).


With Goto ® Query Directory, you start a report which you can operate in the query directory. You can control the resetting of change locks, the generation of query reports and the deletion of queries from the directory. In both of these cases, the report selection screen allows you to restrict the section of the query directory so that only the relevant extracts are shown.

You can search for a particular query that has been locked to prevent changes being made or for queries that are locked by a particular user.

There is a checkbox for every query. If you want to delete queries, you put a check mark in the checkboxes belonging to the queries that you want to delete and choose Delete Selected Queries. The system always asks you to confirm that you want to delete the queries. When the queries have been deleted, the system refreshes the query list.

You proceed in exactly the same way, if you reset the change locks of queries or want to force the generation of query reports.

It can be useful to generate query reports after you have made changes to an InfoSet, because they enable you to check that the changes have taken effect.

The Generate Selected Queries function does not regenerate query reports. Instead it sets a flag to indicate that the report needs to be regenerated before the query is next executed.

For each query, the list also indicates how many records of background memory (file AQDB) are occupied by the saved lists of this query. Each record contains about 2900 bytes.