Definitions of the SAP Online Documentation

Type of Display


Text on screen

Words or characters that appear on the screen
These include field names, screen titles, pushbuttons, menu names, and menu options.

Title of a document

Links to other documents

User input

Exact user input Words or characters that you enter exactly as they appear in the documentation.

<Variable user input>

Variable user input Pointed brackets indicate that you replace these words and characters with appropriate input.


Names of elements in the SAP system, such as report names, program names, transaction codes, table names, ABAP key words, file names, and directories



Description of an SAP component
(such as MM, FI-SL, HR-PA)

Description of a business object or a system object
(such as cost center, material, system table)

Description of an SAP business process or an internal system process flow

Description of an SAP function

Procedure with the steps you need to perform to complete a task in the SAP system

Overview information

Conceptual information that explains interdependencies in the SAP system

Important information such as exceptions or special cases

An example

A warning
Warnings help you to avoid errors, such as errors that can lead to a loss of data.