Archiving IDocs


IDocs are archived in several tables in the database. To limit the size (and thus the access times) of these tables, that is to reduce the load on the database without losing any IDocs, they can also be stored in archives at the operating system level. These archives can then be moved to external storage media, for example optical disks (using ArchiveLink) or magnetic tapes.


In Customizing you determine the physical location of the archive files, that is, the storage media used. For more information, see Cross-Application Comoponents (CA) ® Archiving Application Data ® Introduction to Data Archiving ® Customizing.


·         Displaying or Changing Archivable Statuses

When are IDocs archivable?

·         Archiving functions for IDocs

How are IDocs written to and read from archive files?


You should ensure that IDocs which may still be required by the application are not archived.

·         Delete Links to IDocs

When should links of IDocs, e.g. to application documents, be deleted?

·         Archiving: Technical Realization

How does archiving work, technically?

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General archiving information.