The Selection of a SAPphone Server


This process describes the process flow within the program when a SAPphone server is selected.

Process Flow

  1. The status of the SAPphone server is determined:
    1. GetAllServer reads all the SAPphone servers entered in the registry.
    2. OpenAService queries the status of all the servers found.
    3. The DLL function OpenSCManager determines the access handle.
    4. OpenAService directly accesses the DLL function OpenService, which opens a service.
    5. QueryServiceStatus determines the status of a service that has been opened.
    6. CloseServiceHandle closes the handle.
  1. The servers with the status Running are managed in an array (SPS). The flag InUse is set in the array SPS for the server selected by the user for testing.
  2. The test calling number that the user specified after selecting the server is stored globally.

The following diagram summarizes the relationships described above once again: