Extending a Dbspace with CCMS (Informix)


When a space alert for a dbspace is raised, you can use the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) to extend the dbspace in your Informix database. CCMS calls SAPDBA, which extends the dbspace by adding a chunk.

For more information, see:

·        Listing Dbspaces with SAPDBA to check how full your dbspaces are

·        Monitoring the Database with the Alert Monitor (Informix) to see how the alert is raised

·        Extension of a Dbspace for background information


There is enough disk space available for the new chunk. SAPDBA checks the available disk space during the procedure.


You cannot call this procedure from a menu in CCMS. Instead, it is called when you choose Start analysis tool for a dbspace alert. For more information, see Monitoring the Database with the Alert Monitor (Informix).


       1.      If required, change the entries for dbspace and of size.

       2.      Choose Continue to carry on.

SAPDBA displays further fields for you to specify the size and location of the new primary chunk. If you are adding a chunk to a mirrored dbspace, SAPDBA also displays fields for the location of the mirror chunk. The size of the mirror chunk is the same as the primary chunk.

The minimum size is 1000 KB and the maximum is 2 GB. SAPDBA checks that the size you enter is a multiple of the page size on your machine, usually either 2 or 4 KB

       3.      In location of primary chunk choose Browse available gaps to see a list of suitable gaps for the new chunk.

SAPDBA displays a list of the available gaps that can be used for the new chunk. The entries in the dialog box are the same as on Listing Devices with SAPDBA but only the free space is shown.

       4.      Select a gap and choose Take gap.

SAPDBA fills out location of primary chunk with the details of the selected gap.

       5.      Repeat for location of mirror chunk if the dbspace is mirrored.

SAPDBA looks for disk space for the mirror chunk on a physically different disk drive than the primary chunk.

       6.      To check the raw device links for UNIX, choose Check raw device links.

This helps you identify if multiple links point to the same physical disk.

       7.      Choose Start adding chunk.


CCMS calls SAPDBA to add the chunk. For a mirrored dbspace, SAPDBA adds both primary and mirror chunks.

For more information about checking the results, see Using the DB Operations Monitor.