Statistics Data for BW Reporting


During query execution and other navigation, reporting statistics data is written, front end-specifically, to the BW statistics table RSDDSTAT. Essentially, a new entry in the table corresponds to a new navigation step.

These are then selected in transaction ST03 at runtime, aggregated as required, and displayed in different analysis views.


Reporting statistics data is only written to the database table if BW statistics have been manually activated for the corresponding InfoProvider first. If this has not been done, it is therefore not possible to display any reporting statistics in transaction ST03.

Therefore activate the reporting statistics for all relevant InfoProviders. To do this, set the OLAP flag in the BW Administrator Workbench (transaction RSA1) in the area Tools ® BW Statistics for InfoProvider.

If you delete the data from the statistics tables, you can no longer display runtime statistics in transaction ST03.


The following analysis views are available to you for more detailed analysis:

Analysis View


    Workload Overview

Overview of the workload distribution by queries; there is differentiation here between Frontend and Frontend and OLAP Cache Usage

    Query Runtimes

More detailed view of workload distribution by queries. In this view, you can choose a view of all InfoCubes or of the individual queries. You can also restrict the use of the OLAP cache.

You can control the relevant query statistics for each front end separately with the same aggregation and navigation options.

The analysis view differentiates between the following front ends:

·        Business Explorer Analyzer (BEX)

·        Web-based front ends

·        Queries that run using the ODBO/MDX interface

·        Queries that run using the API interface


Displays the queries in the relevant period with the highest database, OLAP, front end and total runtimes

    User Profile

Reporting workload, broken down by user type and user category

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