Configuring the Data Collector


The data collector, the ABAP program RSCOLL00, is a centrally located program that uses RFC to start and monitor a number of other programs on the various application servers for the purpose of gathering statistics regarding the various SAP instances, the database and the operating system. (For a central SAP instance RFC is not required.)

The data collector and the programs it triggers enable these statistics to be:

·        Collected together

·        Stored centrally

·        Compressed

·        Analyzed

·        Reorganized

Thus, the data collector triggers programs that, for example, gather statistics for the Operating System Monitor using data read locally from the operating system kernel. Other programs analyze the disk space still available to the database system or log all changes to the operating system, database, and SAP System parameters.

The data collector is scheduled as a periodic background job and automatically reads which programs to trigger and when to trigger them from table TCOLL. Thus, to specify which programs to run, when they are to run, and on which SAP instance, simply maintain the table TCOLL (see also SAP Note 12103 and SAP Note 127642).


Scheduling the Data Collector in Background Processing

Schedule data collector program RSCOLL00 to run every hour as an SAP background processing job using Transaction SM37 and using the job name SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR or COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFORMANCEMONITOR

Displaying the Data Collector Logs

You can display the data collector logs using the RSCOLL20 program. As with the SAP background processing logs, data collector logs are reorganized by the data collector itself.

You can also display the data collector logs by calling the Workload Monitor (Transaction ST03), and then choosing Environment ® Data collector  ® Display protocol.

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