Displaying Aggregate Statistics


In the BW workload monitor, you can display the workload in different analysis views which highlight the workload from a particular perspective. One of these aspects is the question of which aggregates in which mode are using most resources. You can use this information to answer the following questions, among others:

·        How high are the maintenance times for the most important aggregates?

·        Which aggregate operations in the InfoCube have the longest runtimes?

·        How is the resource usage distributed between the different aggregate operations rebuild, roll-up and delta change run?

·        Which steps have the highest percentage share of the individual operations?



       1.      Start the Workload Monitor by calling transaction ST03.

       2.      Choose the Expert or Service Engineer user mode.

       3.      Choose the period to be analyzed in the BW Workload tree.

       4.      Under Analysis Views, choose the option Aggregates.

       5.      The system displays the usual output area, in which the requested workload is displayed in an ALV Grid Control.

       6.      Within the profile, you have the following navigation options:

Ў        Change the level of aggregation

Ў        Display statistics data on corresponding tab pages

Ў        Display statistics for specific InfoCubes

Ў        Double-click a row to display details for this row


The output area contains three aggregation levels with the following characteristics:

Aggregation Level


Display After a Double-Click


Aggregate statistics totaled to InfoCube level

Display of the operations per aggregate for the corresponding InfoCube


Totaled display of the statistics data for each aggregate

Statistics display of all single operations for each aggregate

The output area also contains four tab pages in each case with the following characteristics:

Tab Page



Overview of the percentage share and runtimes of the different aggregate operations.


Runtime statistics for the rebuilding of an aggregate


Information about the roll-up of data from the source InfoCube in the relevant aggregate


Statistics information about the master data change run

All Data

Display of all available data

You can use the Details button to restrict the selection to certain InfoCubes. If you want to display information for all Cubes, enter the wildcard character '*’.

By default, only 10 runs are analyzed for each InfoCube. To increase the number or to include as many runs as possible, enter a correspondingly large number in the input field No. of Executions.

  Workload Monitor start page, Analysis Views of the BW Workload Monitor